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The premiere of Doctor Who has come and gone, and with it ends this chapter of Lawren’s Professor Whom obsession. Starting Thursday we’ll begin a new two week arc, exploring the inner workings of my marriage to Nicole, and the pains my geek obsessions place on her daily life.

Speaking of which, this was an amazing weekend for TV! The premiere of DOCTOR WHO was worth the wait, and this season definitely seems promising. On top of that, the second episode of GAME OF THRONES continues to exceed my expectations. It may have been many years since I read the books from which the series is adapted, but as best I can recall, HBO is doing a beautiful job with an extremely faithful adaptation.

That being said, my weekend was largely occupied by TV (re-watching Doctor Who in preparation for the premiere), and re-watching the premiere of Game of Thrones, just because I love it that much. On top of that, there were liquor hunt festivities in celebration of Easter. It may not be the traditional way to celebrate the holiday, but it was enjoyable. Well, actually, I missed the hunt, but the post-hunt festivities made for a good evening. Beyond that, I have little to say on the Easter weekend.

If you celebrate it, I hope that you enjoyed the holiday! And if you don’t, well, I hope that you had a good weekend! Thanks for reading!

- Chris

P.S. – Still no blogs. They will resume after I renew my buffer of completed comics. Based on my current output, I would expect a new blog or two to be posted by next weekend. At the moment, I’m still adjusting to the two comics a week calendar. Plus I’ve begun working on my scripts again in earnest, so time has become scarce. If you are one of the few readers who actually reads my blogs, I apologize for their absence of late. I promise they will resume.