Semantics Versus Inaction

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Today’s strip is fairly close to reality – focusing on a conversation quite often repeated between myself and Nicole. It’s last panel is also indicative of another fact of my life – I cannot catch.

Beyond that, I have little to say at the moment. Work is in high gear right now, prepping for the culminating event towards which all of our efforts strive each year. This event is next week. On top of that, throw in the switch to a two comics per week schedule and the fact that I’ve finally starting writing on my tv scripts in earnest, again, and life is a bit busy at the moment. I also might be a slight bit delirious.

That being said, I’m going to go get some sleep now and hope sanity returns in the morning. Thanks for reading!

- Chris

P.S. – Check back over the weekend for some updated blogs. I’ve been slack on that as of late, and I plan to change that… if I can stop rewatching new episodes of DR. WHO and GAME OF THRONES.

P.P.S. – If you like fantasy literature, watch GAME OF THRONES… and read the books. Both versions are plenty worthwhile.