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Welcome back to the comic, Lawren.

It has been a busy weekend of writing and hiking. Not much to report on this particular comic. Part of that also probably has something to do with the season finales of the summer shows and season premieres of the fall season. I’m a tv junkie and between the comic, an overload of tv, and a surge of writing, time has been scarce.

As far as the tv goes, I don’t have many recommendations from the new series, yet. I’m keeping my eye on NEW GIRL and TERRA NOVA as potential good series, but have yet to reach a conclusion. I’ve tried RINGER, SECRET CIRCLE, UP ALL NIGHT, and A GIFTED MAN and the jury is still out on them as well. I am open to recommendations.

Finale wise, the endings of both DOCTOR WHO, and ALPHAS were fantastic!

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m rambling about tv. Maybe I’ll check back in on this in a more structured fashion later. For now, thanks for reading!