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Apparently, Nicole has other alternatives for my writing career. I think I will stick with writing sci-fi and mystery pilots. And horror movies. And negative utopian comics. And slice-of-life webcomics. And dark short stories. Or pretty much anything other than porn. I’m a prude that way.

In other news I took two days off, recently. Much needed. Caught up on drawing a few comics. Delved deeper into a rewrite of one of my pilots. Watched THOR (of which, along with most Marvel Studio works, I deeply approve). Yes, it has been a very productive few days.

TV wise, I rewatched all three seasons of BROTHERHOOD. If you like silent tension, realistic character relationships, a nice dose of understated with a heavy polish of realism, all mixed with a dark, violent underbelly… watch it. And be sad that it is no longer on the air.

Beyond BROTHERHOOD, I recommend Steven Moffat’s BBC series SHERLOCK (as I would anything written by Steven Moffat). Great take on a classic tale, with an impressively fleshed out Dr. Watson. This is perhaps the first time for me that Watson has overshadowed Sherlock. This feat becomes that much more impressive when I realize that Sherlock in this adaptation is essentially Gregory House, transplanted to London as a “consulting detective.” Hard character to play against, but done beautifully. Go watch now. Then if you’re so inclined you may also enjoy Moffat’s modern continuation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – JEKYLL.

And don’t forget to keep up with DR. WHO (BBC) and GAME OF THRONES (HBO).

Thanks for reading!