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Immediately after I finished uploading Monday’s comic, I found myself suffering from a bad case of food poisoning, or the worst flu that I’ve ever had. I know it was bad because I spent most of the evening and much of Monday AM at the hospital. The key here is not the time spent, but the mere fact that I actually allowed myself to go to a hospital. I’m cheap. I don’t do that unless there is no other possible choice. That being said, I came back rehydrated but far from healthy. I lost Monday to recuperation and Tuesday I could still barely eat or move. As such, I think the fact that I both made it to work on Wednesday, and got this much done on the comic is amazing. All that is left for me to do is ink the panels, which I should easily be able to finish this evening after work. I apologize for the delay, but please understand these are unusual and unavoidable circumstances. And, the comic will still be posting on a Thursday… just late.

Thanks for your understanding! And enjoy the penciled/censored teaser – my evidence that the comic is almost finished.

- Chris


And the comic makes it up a little late, but still on Thursday. Barring further unforeseen illnesses, we should be back on schedule come Monday.