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Some of you may have come across my post on Facebook regarding this delay. Others, perhaps not. Either way, I know this comic is late. I had hoped to release a Monday comic and was on schedule to do so. I had the comic drawn, inked, laid out and lettered. It was essentially ready to post. Yet I couldn’t do it. It was obvious that the story had been rushed and the punch wasn’t working. In the end, I decided to scrap all that work and throw the comic away. I thought it best to post a comic in which I believed, even with a delay, rather than to post a comic that was falling flat.

And so you have Nicole speaking with our friend Kiran. Although, this particular script and discussion may not be 100% accurate, I’m sticking with it. And if Kiran denies it, I say she’s lying.

Also, Kiran, feel free to post any sort of rebuttal in the comments below. Or, if you’re so inclined, feel free to submit a blog and I’ll post it to the site and link it to this comic. Your choice.

Anyway, until next week… thanks for reading.