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I couldn’t resist. Just a few weeks back, the Brown Coats struck up another campaign to save their show after the Science channel began airing reruns (and after star Nathan Fillion made a remark about what he would do if he won the lottery). I’m a fan – of Firefly, Fillion and Whedon. I admit it, even I had that glimmer of hope when I heard a new campaign had begun. I love this series. Even so, I had to to post something about Firefly and the Brown Coats. I had this image of Brown Coats lurking in a secret lair monitoring the public in some dark Big Brother way and I had to draw it.

That being said, I love the art on this one… though I’ve been tinkering on the script right up to that last moment. And now… I don’t have a rant. I may post one, but to be honest, I’m trying so hard to get on to this two a week comic schedule, that chances of a true blog are fifty-fifty. Plus, I had major issues loading today’s comic. For some reason it threw my system into some sort of fit. I uploaded it numerous times but it kept not being recognized or just acting like it updated, then not showing up. I’m not sure what sort of magic finally got this post to work… Either way… it also ate into my rant writing time.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Check back Monday! …or possibly earlier for a rant on Brown Coats and Firefly… maybe.