Between a Man and His Doctor

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  1. fluffyred

    haha so true! i started watching it with my work partner’s dad during what appeared to be a marathon and didn’t stir for another 2.5 hours! (until the 11th doctor episodes started…not such a big fan of those) i’ve become a bit of an addict and frustrated i can’t see them on hulu. grr

    • Chris_Hutton

      There’s often trouble with the doctor transition. What you might be seeing, however, is not just the transition of the doctor but the transition of the showrunner. Russel T. Davies who ran the first four series of the new Doctor Who shows left and Steven Moffat took over with the beginning of the current season. Personally, I enjoy the new episodes quite a bit, but the tonal differences are evident.

      • Pretty

        Hi Just been watching all of your vdieos with my husband. We especially liked the one about the birth of Noah. We have a 13 year old called Noah and an 8 year old called Lyla. Lyla was born with down syndrome and noahs birth story brought back alot of memories for us about Lylas birth. We would like to thank you for sharing such a wonderful story of love. Looking forward to seeing more of you all. Take care Renee & Aaron

  2. fluffyred

    i spotted george!

    • Chris_Hutton

      Expect more of him in the coming months. And Henry.

  3. Naida

    I like the cover too, but I feel like some of the faces are too sharp, like Bill’s and Tara’s. And for Sookie, I think the most accurate part of her is the lips

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