Strip 0007 - Iron Man

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Iron Man

Before I started posting this comic I was determined to create a large backlog of strips, so that I would have a buffer between myself and the panic involved with that sudden realization that there is no comic for the coming post. Now I only post once a week and perhaps I wouldn’t need to panic all that much, but I know me. Panic is me in my natural state. I prefer having the safety net. It provides, at the very least, a small measure of comfort.

Yet this approach does not come without its drawbacks. For one, today’s comic was well timed at the point of its creation, which was pre release of the Iron Man sequel. Yet it was six back in my backlog, and seemed an inappropriate place to start. Nor had I created enough strips for the weeks after this post to feel comfortable beginning the comic at the point of its creation. I had to finish generating the first ten comics before I felt right posting any strips, and as such, well, Iron Man has made its debut perhaps a bit off the mark.

Now, in the future, despite my backlog I should be able to insert timely strips amidst the other comics with little problem as long as all the pertinent characters have already been introduced. With Lawren making his first appearance last week, we should be set for a good while. I expect a few more character introductions in the coming months, but for now we have a solid set of characters to work with, and I have a healthy list of upcoming strips generated for posts 11-20.

That being said, my safety net is diminishing. You see, the ‘Iron Man’ delayed posting is not the only side effect of my backlog method. When I started this strip I was an unemployed freelancer. A day after I started posting this strip, I landed a temporary job that is still ongoing. This is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but most of my non-working hours have been spent working on finishing up a different backlog – a long list of freelance projects that I lined up to pay my bills while I was job hunting. As such my time for the comic has diminished. I have generated very few new strips in this time.

Of course, in this time I did completely redesign the website, create some ad banners and begin advertising on webcomic directories, so my time has not been completely unproductive as far as the comic is concerned. However, my safety net is definitely falling, and I suppose the comic itself is not entirely accurate, anymore. Six weeks later and my comic self is still listed as unemployed. I don’t foresee this changing, as there is still a long list of topics that I wish to explore dealing with unemployed life, but it is one more aspect of the backlog that seemed somehow relevant for this post.

Anyway, the point of this bumbling and meandering blog (or rant if you prefer) is this: Yes, ‘Iron Man’ may seem a bit untimely at this juncture. That is a result of my preference to have a large backlog of strips and my inability to insert the ‘Iron Man’ comic until relevant characters and story aspects (status updates) had been introduced. Furthermore, that backlog makes the comic not a perfect reflection of my life. Those of you who know me, know that I am no longer unemployed (and that I no longer wear glasses, as the pair I wear in the comic broke during the creation of the first 10 strips). This backlog, however, is diminishing. Those of you reading the forums have probably noticed the lack of posts about new strips being completed. So even the concept of the backlog seems to be vanishing

Does that mean that you should worry about the timeliness of future posts?

No, it does not. I was preoccupied with freelance work and transitioning into a new job, but I am wrapping up my projects now. A list of 10+ new comics has already been generated for strips 11-20. I still have a small safety net up, and plan to be rebuilding that backlog in the coming weeks.

So in the end, I guess what I am saying is that we at Life from the Cheap Seats are still at status quo, and the point of this particular blog is, well… rather pointless. Thanks for reading and enjoy the comic!