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Season One Returns

The new promo has gone live. Come February we are lined up for a new run of comics. The first ten of this next run are almost ready, and I’m deep into the planning phase of another batch, so we will be resuming a weekly schedule soon.

In the meantime, although new comics will not arrive until February, if you take a look around the site, you will find a number of changes since we left for hiatus.

First, we have a new Zazzle store up in the store section. There are a wider range of products within this store as compared to the cafepress store, though if you’re interested in any merchandise, feel free to check them both out. In the Zazzle store you will find various apparel based on characters, panels, and strips, along with prints. Unfortunately due to some of the language of the comic many products had to be given a PG-13 rating, which limits them from view without logging in to a free Zazzle account. However, if you’re interested having prints of your favorite strips, feel free to sign up for a Zazzle account and enjoy!

Merchandise suggestions can also be made in the forums. If there is a Life from the Cheap Seats product that you would like to see, log in and let me know.

Second, you will notice some advertising on the site. I weighed the choice of adding advertising to the website for a long time, and I finally came down in its favor, under one caveat – I have to support the products that I advertise. As 1&1 has been my web host for all of my websites for years now, I trust and highly recommend them, so I have little reservation about promoting their product. If you need a web host, click the ad and check them out. In the interest of full disclosure, please be aware, that I am operating as an affiliate for this product and will receive commissions for purchases made when you navigate there through my site.

Finally, I have created a Facebook page dedicated to Life from the Cheap Seats. You will find a link to this page in the left navigation bar. At the moment this page primarily acts as my way of reaching out to fans and letting them know about the progress on upcoming strips and artwork, and I will be making blasts for all new comic posts from this venue as well. If you like the comic, please hit the Like button and become a fan.

That is all for now. More to come in February…or sooner if you join our Facebook and/or forums. Either way, I’m looking forward to bringing you a new set of comics, and I hope you, my readers, enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them. Thanks for reading!