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If you were one of my frequent readers, then you know that I’ve been gone a while. When I left, the idea was to spend some time getting my writing moving forward. Here was the reason that was necessary:

Four years ago, I finished a masters degree in writing for screen and television from USC. I landed a job in reality television right out from grad school, which used up all of my time. After I left reality, I started “Life from the Cheap Seats” to get me back into a fictional creative space, but still had not jump started back into my fiction writing outside of comics. As soon as the comic started, I landed a temp gig that turned into a full-time temp gig, and found that while the comic had started me back into the creative world, now between the comic and the job, I had no time to write scripts. So, something had to give…

I took my break from The Cheap Seats, and started balancing my writing and my work. In the year that I have been gone, I’ve been busy. I’ve written five new short stories (all in a new horror universe I’m crafting), finished the first 90,000 words of an epistolary horror novel, which is still in progress, done a third draft of one of my pilot scripts, completed a polish on my other pilot, and am five acts into a new six act original pilot. By the end of this month, my first new script in way too long, will be finished. On top of that, my work is circulating once again. This year my pilot FORGOTTEN made it into the quarter finals of the Page International Screenwriting awards and the second round of the Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting competition. My other pilot DREAM WALKER placed as a finalist (top 10) in the Page International Screenwriting competition. I’ve had a handful of responses from cold queries, and have had script requests originating from my competition participation this year.

The point is, my hiatus met its goal. My writing is being noticed again. Old material is being refined. New material is being generated; and most importantly, scripts and stories are circulating, keeping my name out there.

I still have a long way to go to meet my writing ambitions, but I am now at a stage where I believe that I’ve made the necessary progress and can now balance both my fiction/script writing and my comics, along with my work. So, get ready for new strips as we close out 2012, and thank you for your patience!