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Despite the horrendous attack at the end of this comic (and at the end of many of the true instances of this game), I am still convinced that “Boogedy” is one of Henry’s favorite games. It basically consists of me running through the house screaming boogedy whilst waving my arms frantically in the air and chasing after Henry.

Some might say that this is not the proper game for a cat. Perhaps they are right, but I was raised a dog person, and have yet to truly learn how to speak cat. Until Nicole and I adopted George, I had never owned a cat. The very idea that I would deign to say I owned a cat is in and of itself evidence enough that I didn’t, and perhaps do not, truly understand cats at all.

That being said, I would never chase George through the house. He is a very skittish cat and I am afraid this game would be far too much of a shock on his system. Henry, however, is a different beast.

Henry was found as a kitten stranded in a university parking lot. At the time he was a tiny and innocent ball of downy fur covered in fleas and in desperate need of help. This cute little innocent kitten, however, quickly evolved into a demon kitty hell bent on death and destruction. Don’t believe me? See the photo below.

Demon Kitty

Henry at his devilish best, moments before the attack.

Whether Henry became mischievous and ferocious because of games like “Boogedy” or rather games like “Boogedy” came to be because of Henry’s violent inclinations is no longer clear. The invention of the game has faded into a distant memory, although I am half-inclined to say that my wife was the one to bring the game into being.

No matter how “Boogedy” came to be, however, it has become the game of choice for Henry, right alongside “Foot” and “The Hello, Face.” I will speak more of these games at a later date. Suffice to say they all consist of some derivation of rough housing with Henry and almost always end in bloodshed against my person.

So, what is the point here? Honestly, it is hard to say. Perhaps it all comes down to affection. “Boogedy” is how we bond. It is the bridge between a devil cat (he did grow up) and a former dog person still learning to speak cat. Perhaps that is it, perhaps there is something more, but my rambles have now been interrupted. Henry just shuffled past and I feel another bout of “Boogedy” may be in order. Until next time, thank you for reading.