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The One Ring

I really love yo-yoing, and I’d love for whoever I’m dating to show interest in that, but I’ll even admit if I came home and caught my girlfriend with a yo-yo around her finger I’d come down with a rampant case of ED. I think part of the reason to date someone is to keep your obscure obsessive hobbies out of creepy land. If the person shares that strange hobby, there’s no stopping it, and you’ll both end up at Aunt Nadeen’s funeral talking to everyone about taxidermy.

I think we’re generally inclined to show more interest in others pastimes during the first inning of a relationship, to the point where we might feign interest in a hobby we could have spent a lifetime vehemently protesting. It’s a joke in a way, to say you love the fact that your girlfriend is into sustainable food preparation when the floor of your car is tiled in receipts from Del Taco. That’s why it should come as no surprise when fake interest starts tapering off as the relationship progresses. You’ll just have to be OK with the fact that even though you love Star Wars, and that one scene in Jedi, her dressing up as Boba Fett was a one time thing.

Trust that having a strange interest is better than not having one, as that material pulls you out of the crowd. I’ve dated girl’s where I would have really loved for them to have a single hobby, or just one other than a hidden traveling act of late-night contortionism. Embrace your odd interests, they will never judge you for having them. As for me, I’ll keep doing what I love, and always expect that unless she has an actual canine, I’m going to be the only one in the relationship walking the dog.