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Gainful Employment

What can I say about this, really? We all know we have to work and many of us end up suffering through 40 hours a week of mindlessness just to keep the bill collectors at bay. That is very much common knowledge, so a rant on that would seem to be overkill.

And perhaps I might argue that the issue at hand is priorities. I grew up with an over-inflated sense of responsibility, of etiquette and of decorum. I approach my work, and perhaps my everyday life with a little too much “professionalism.” Maybe it’s that I do not know how to relax or shut down my business side. I’m definitely not saying that my approach is right. However, that being said, I cannot shake the overly black and white version of right and wrong with which I conduct myself. In some ways, I even like that approach. It gives me a strong set of guidelines with which to conduct myself. It provides clear answers when I find myself at an impasse. More than that, it gives me the strong moral sense that I have used for years to keep my friends and loved ones out trouble. Yes, I am the annoying friend that pulls everyone back when they wander into dangerous levels of drunken stupidity… or when in complete sobriety, they deviate from the given social mores. Yeah, I’m quite often no fun.

Luckily, I have my wife, and Brandon, to constantly slap me back to reality, a world where, professionalism be damned, sometimes the world has other priorities. Sometimes it is all about the funny, having fun, and, yes, getting laid. I need these reminders. So, maybe one could make an argument that “Gainful Employment” is about priorities.

But no. It is not about priorities. It is about that last panel. That look on my face. That is how I feel every day when I have a conversation with Brandon. Thank you, buddy.