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Obviously I’ve been gone for a while. I can only offer my sincerest apologies. The comic is now back, but things are going through a slight change.

I had written a rather long and elegant blog on this topic. It went on for pages and pages, however that might translate in this medium. It was lengthy, verbose, and unnecessary.

The plain and simple truth is this: life got in the way, as it sometimes does, and my posts fell off. In light of this, I reevaluated my posting schedule. Once a week sounds great, but I also have a job to maintain, stories and scripts to finish, and family and friends with whom I would like to spend some time. Unfortunately the time I spend on this project, will not allow these things and my once a week posts. I have decided to compromise.

Think of the new schedule like that of a tv series. There will be long stretches of time where once a week posts actually happen: the comic season in this instance. Season 1 has finished. Between seasons there will still be posts, but infrequently. These, I suppose, could be considered specials, continuing the story, like you might get on some BBC shows such as, you guessed it, Doctor Who. We are currently in a between season period.

What does this mean?

I’m still posting, but if I set this once a week schedule right now, it won’t happen and the comic will fade away. Thus I’m shifting to the season schedule. You can expect season two to be announced in the coming months, but I need a couple of months of sporadic posts, while I attend to other matters.

You can expect another new strip in 2-3 weeks. I hope you enjoy and are willing to bear with me on this new scheduling arrangement.