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The One Ring

I am by and large a quiet person. In social environments, I keep to myself. I absolutely hate crowds and can frequently be seen swerving, shoulders tense and high, through massive throngs of pedestrians to find that one, wonderful open spot – that spot where, with my personal bubble restored, I can relax. When absolutely forced to be in a crowd, or when by some chance I voluntarily participate in a social event, I speak freely with only a couple of people, and otherwise stay, by and large, silent. That is my comfort zone: silence.

Yet there is one major exception to this silence: the geek rant. If by some freak circumstance one of my geek subjects becomes the topic of choice, then the quiet reclusive Chris disappears, if but for a moment. The rant takes over. I can go on for hours about these passion subjects, from praising the Rocky saga, to detailing my love of Tolkien and the world and mythology that he created. Most recently I have found a new such passion – Doctor Who. I quickly devoured every episode of the new series, from its beginning with Chris Eccleston under Russel T. Davies through the specials that ended David Tennant’s stint as the doctor, and on through the latest episodes of Matt Smith’s reign under the helm of Steven Moffat.

Not since the time of Buffy and the release of the Lord of the Rings movies have I geeked out to this extreme. Imagine my wonder when I ran across an article linking David Tenant to the new Hobbit movie. Yes the rumor had been shot down before, but it is nice to dream.

Now this is all very late to turn up in a webcomic. I know that. My timing is off. I blame my need to create a backlog, which delays something like this for far too long. There will be more on this backlog in the coming weeks, and its destruction of timing. In this particular instance, however, I could not veer from using this rumor. Nothing epitomizes my geek rants like the combination of Doctor Who and The Hobbit. More importantly, a rant of this magnitude was absolutely necessary to express the true concern of the strip: the torture I put my wife through every day. This strip is all about her pain.

You see, I am a quiet person by nature (as I have discussed already). There are very few people to whom I open up and speak. My wife is, obviously, one of these people. And being my wife, she bears the brunt of my geek rants. Once these rants start, they are like an avalanche – impossible to stop. One may be able to escape them, ignore them, or interrupt them, but, literally, once I’ve begun down the path I have to finish the rant, even if to my audience’s displeasure or pain. Let’s call it a compulsion if we can. Sadly, Nicole has had to suffer through many such rants.

To her… sorry, Nicole. I know you knew I was a geek when you said, “I do,” but I also know that I can easily get carried away. Thanks for bearing with me.